The Book The Transposing Method of Solving Algebra Equations

The Transposing Method of Solving Algebra Equations

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  • Autor: Dr Wayne R Matson
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  • Relaese Date: 28 October 2010
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  • Number of page: 52 pages
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Description The Transposing Method of Solving Algebra Equations de Dr Wayne R Matson:

This book offers one proven solution to a major problem: Nationally, 90 % of entering college freshmen, can't solve equations. Obviously something is wrong. "The Transposing Method of Solving Equations" is a far superior method than the traditional "Whatever you do to one side, you do to the other side, Method" (taught in schools today). With The Transposing Method you will be able to solve equations with 1/3 the steps (and in significantly less time) and you will eliminate a lot of messy "scratch work." The two methods are compared in the book. The book also provides a "Diagnostic Test" (with 10 simple equations). 90 % of college students can not even get 2 correct. With just a few simple rules you will be able to solve every equation you will encounter in a typical School Algebra and/or College Algebra course. There is no difference between High School Algebra and College Algebra: Algebra is Algebra. This book is a Self-Teaching Course to help you Solve ALL Equations. This book will help you NOW and be your "Reference" for any FUTURE Math Course. "I have enjoyed collaborating with Professor Matson the past two years at KSU. Dr. Matson brings many years of teaching expertise and a wide range of related work experience including the space program into the classroom. His students' recent results on tests/exams were the highest that I have seen in my ten years at this University. When Dr. Matson noted a deficiency in the current textbook, he began authoring new textbooks for entry level students. I have been 'proofing' the textbooks and can attest to their rigor and effectiveness in helping other instructors to have the success Dr. Matson has achieved. Students would make a significant step forward in their mastery of mathematical concepts by being in the classroom with Dr. Matson and/or obtaining copies of his recently published textbooks." Ronald Hoover, Mathematics Instructor, Kennesaw State University. Dr. Wayne R. Matson is a Professor of Mathematics at Holy Spirit College, Atlanta, and, Kennesaw State University (KSU) GA. He began teaching Applied Mathematics (including Orbital Mechanics) in 1955 (2 years before Sputnik orbited the Earth). 50 years teaching/writing Mathematics. Administrative/teaching experience at 10 colleges/universities. Administrative/Teaching experience at 15 public/private schools. President of a national education association, 20 years, Washington, DC. Educational experiences include lecturing/visiting hundreds of schools throughout the USA and in more than 100 countries as well as writing/editing more than 1,000 articles and more than 50 books. The Transposing Method of Solving Equations is his 54th book. Math Modeling and College Algebra was his 50th book, and, (new edition) his 55th book. Dr. Matson is the recipient of the Nation's and World's Highest Aerospace Awards. He has held all USA Pilot Licences. NASA paid for his Doctorate and the Russian Space Program paid for his AstOnline Book Store | Buy Books with China's Lowest Prices - -